What happened to BiG!? Why did you change to ToBe Fare? 

ToBe Fare, BiG! is still in our hearts, but we had to move on. There is no reason to go to the trouble of making records that no one can find nor hear. And thebandbig just sucked. No really. It sucked. (although it did have an awesome logo!) 

Why do you spell it that way? 

Well, “To Be Fair” is probably the best way to spell it, but to get that website would cost more money than any of us have ($188,000.00 to be exact), and we really wanted to have a website that is our name, so we had to compromise. Plus, we really like having to explain the band name every time we tell people what it is. It’s a conversation starter. 

Wait, old people can make original music too? 

Yes, and we’ve got lots more to say, and more authority with which to say it than these darn kids today. Not every elder just plays Classic Rock at the Moose Lodge. We will do this until we can’t. 

Why does Bryan look like that? 

ToBe Fare, it may look like he spends many tens of dollars on those clothes, but Bryan works very hard to find the hidden gems at the Goodwill stores so he can get away with spending pennies on the dollar to look like that. (Rumor has it that he has “inside sources” within the GW industries on the lookout for appropriate fashion) 

What are "Broken Vocals?" 

Back in the day, Gary actually didn't sound like he'd had glass shards for breakfast when he sang. He always had a little grit at volume, but could actually hit high register notes fairly clearly. Then one night while performing solo at a benefit, he went to start Rain Dance (at a whisper) and nothing came out. He then pushed a little to get anything to come out of his mouth and his voice just blew out; and gravel went everywhere. And its been gravel and glass ever since. However, since Covid and a year plus of rest, his voice is not quite as "broken" but still pretty gritty in the loud parts. 

Who writes your songs? 

Gary comes up with most of the stuff in our songs, but ToBe Fare, most of our songs aren’t fully realized until we get together and we each add our own bit of inspiration. Then we record it, then we change the band name, then we totally change the arrangement, then we record it again. Song done! (Until we change it again, and, well, you know… ad infinitum.) 

Why do your songs sometimes sound different at your live shows than they do on the album? 

Could be a couple reasons for that: 

A) See the answer to the previous question 
B) We always have new ideas that we like to try live and in the moment. Most of the times this works out surprisingly well. 
C) Sometimes Bryan plays the wrong song 

Why are you all always so serious?