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Living in a Dream

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Written by Gary Stephen Hawthorne, Arranged and produced by ToBe Fare. Recorded at Studio 609. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Ryan.


its nine o'clock in the morning, dear, been up for hours, it seems
just about my time to go –
head on back to reality

B i guess its time to go,
find out where we've been
i guess its all the same,
we're living in a dream

its ten am in the morning now
no time left for play
i guess it doesn't matter though –
we never play much anyway

C Running away from life
Running away for life
Can’t run very far away
Cause time is running out

its two am in the morning now
almost time for bed
doesn't matter cause the tv's on –
its on inside my head
another night in the living room,
Second time this week
Will I ever get to be in my own bed
will i ever get to sleep ?