1. People
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People who love,
Should always love People
People who care,
Put their souls on the line.
People of faith,
Have something to live for
But, people who hate,
Are just wasting their lives
Black people matter,
You can’t just shoot them down
If we don’t swim together,
We will surely drown
Sharks in the water,
Searching for blood
The only thing will save us –
Good ole fashioned love
- Chorus -
People who preach,
Should preach from their Bible
So, people of faith
Can make up their minds
But Jesus don’t hate.
He loved all his rivals
Forgave those who killed him
On the day that he died
- Chorus –
Wake up, people, take a stand
If you really care, lend a hand
Draw a line in the dust
Walk with US, Walk with US
- Break - Chorus –
- “everybody SING!” - Chorus